We have a large variety of skate decks available online, but even more in store. Visit our shop in Charlottesville, Virginia for more!


Check out our selection of skateboard decks, more are available in our shop in Charlottesville, Virginia. We carry brands like Quasi, Anti-Hero, Polar, Baker, Alien Workshop, and more.
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Baker Brand Logo Deck White 8.25
BakerBaker Brand Logo Deck White 8.25
Sale price$65.00
Baker Bubbler Deck 8.25
BakerBaker Bubbler Deck 8.25
Sale price$68.00
Baker Fade Heads Deck 8.25
Sold out
Baker Goose Deck 8.125
BakerBaker Goose Deck 8.125
Sale price$68.00
Blind Danny Way Nuke Baby Deck 9.7
Chocolate Aikens Hecox Portrait 8.25Chocolate Aikens Hecox Portrait 8.25
Chocolate Trahan Portrait Deck 8.25
Creature Psycho Logo Deck 7.75
CreatureCreature Psycho Logo Deck 7.75
Sale price$50.00
Creature RIPPER Deck 7.75
CreatureCreature RIPPER Deck 7.75
Sale price$50.00
Darkroom Team Eclipse Deck 8.12
Darkroom Team Lunar Deck 8.5
Element Garcia Shadow Lurker Deck 8.25
Evisen City Hell Festival Deck 8.25Evisen City Hell Festival Deck 8.25
Evisen Golden Brain Age Deck 8.25Evisen Golden Brain Age Deck 8.25
EvisenEvisen Golden Brain Age Deck 8.25
Sale price$68.00
Evisen HAKKYOUMISO! Deck 8.38Evisen HAKKYOUMISO! Deck 8.38
EvisenEvisen HAKKYOUMISO! Deck 8.38
Sale price$68.00
Evisen Hyakka Douran DeckEvisen Hyakka Douran Deck
EvisenEvisen Hyakka Douran Deck
Sale price$68.00
Evisen Lifted Logo Deck 8.125Evisen Lifted Logo Deck 8.125
Evisen Midnight Sushi Deck 8.125Evisen Midnight Sushi Deck 8.125
EvisenEvisen Midnight Sushi Deck 8.125
Sale price$68.00
Evisen Mineral Head B29 Deck 8.38Evisen Mineral Head B29 Deck 8.38
Evisen Sushiverse Deck 8.125Evisen Sushiverse Deck 8.125
EvisenEvisen Sushiverse Deck 8.125
Sale price$68.00
Evisen Ukiyo Paradise Deck 8Evisen Ukiyo Paradise Deck 8
Frog Ghost Burger Deck 8.25Frog Ghost Burger Deck 8.25
Sold out
Frog Iconic (Pat G) DeckFrog Iconic (Pat G) Deck
Frog Put Your Toys Away (Chris Milic) DeckFrog Put Your Toys Away (Chris Milic) Deck